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Doodles are a charming and energetic breed of dog. They are great to have around children, easy to train, and highly intelligent, loving dogs.

As poodle mixes, some doodle breeds are among the most sought after in America, with their winning combination of hypoallergenic coats, attractive features, and agreeable temperament.

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Here at Doodle Puppies Training, we will train your new puppy a range of obedience commands, including house and crate training, before we deliver them to you, wherever you are in the country. In this way we offer fully trained doodle puppies in Washington State for sale to clients across the United States, from our training center in Seattle WA.

Call us on 206 687 9254 and tell us which doodle breed you would like us to train for you.


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Buy one of our pre-trained doodle puppies in Washington State. Click here to browse through our list of available trained puppies.

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Choose available untrained doodle puppy from our network of breeder and we shall train them for you, so they are impeccably behaved when they arrive.

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Doodle puppies make great house pets, being good around children, easy going, easy to train and great as companion dog. They come in many shapes and sizes, depending on which type of cross they are, and there is a perfect doodle puppy for everyone.

Have a browse through our trained doodle puppies for sale here, and find your new friend for life with Doodle Puppy Training.

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We consider our training an investment for life in your puppy, helping them to be well behaved in your home, and a great companion to you and your family.

Our puppies are also well trained to socialize with other dogs and children, and we take great care, working on any negative behaviors and giving them great canine social skills.

Luckily, we can make it easy for you to find fully trained doodle puppies in Washington State! You can even have one delivered to your door with a pet nanny to look after them for their whole journey.

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Call us on 206 687 9254 and tell us which doodle breed you would like us to train for you.



1. Choose Your Puppy

A. From our available trained puppies, click here 
B. From our available untrained puppies, click here 

2. We train your puppy 
(if you choose option B above)

Training a puppy takes patience and persistence due to their short attention span. By training them in 5-10 minute bursts a few times over the course of a day, we help them enjoy their training, and help them learn faster too. Our puppies learn the following as standard:
  • House training 
  • Crate training 
  • Leash training 
  • Socialization 
We will also teach your puppy the basic commands, including Sit, Down, Stay, Place, and Leave it! For an extra $500, we will also give the puppy advanced level training, including recall and heel, greeting manners, door manners, and building their confidence.

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3. We deliver your puppy

If you live in the Seattle area, you can pick up your doodle puppy for sale, or you can have them delivered to your home (Seattle area only).
If you live outside Seattle, you can have them delivered to the nearest airport wherever you are in the United States and Canada, using the Flight Nanny service (Pet Nanny). See delivery details here.

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 Health Examination by a licensed veterinarian

To give you extra peace of mind before your puppy goes home, we take them to our licensed veterinarian for a thorough health examination and provide a clean bill of health record inside your puppy care packet.

 Current on Vaccinations

All puppies are given their first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks and we include future instructions for keeping your puppy up-to-date on vaccinations inside their puppy care package.

 Puppies are microchipped before they go home

We microchip all our puppies before they go home and include the microchipping registration in your puppy's care packet to guide you how to activate the chip for vets to scan in case your dog ever gets lost.

 Early Neuro Stimulation Program

We introduce mild stresses to our very young pups in a controlled way to help stimulate the brain to improve growth and development of your pup's immune system.

 Puppy Socialization

We introduce and familiarize your puppy to new experiences including people, places, objects and other animals in ways that help your puppy learn how to respond and interact with those experiences appropriately without fear.


All puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age.

 We are professional dog trainers

We offer optional Essential and Advanced obedience training enrollment for our puppies to help them learn correct behaviors and obedience skills for an even better transition to their new home.




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Talk To Our Team

We want to make the adoption process as easy for you as possible, and you are welcome to ask questions at any time. Learn more about our training program here or call us directly to speak to our skilled puppy training experts if you are interested in one of our doodle puppies in Washington State.

Call 206 687 9254 or

We also offer puppy training and pet taxi services locally in Shoreline WA.

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  Jayden is a wonderful sitter....

Jayden is a wonderful sitter. He provided daily update with pictures and took great care of Theo, who is a senior dog that requires daily medication and needs to be let out at least 4 to 5 times a day. Jayden took Theo on daily walks to the park and treated him very well throughout the stay. Highly recommended and look forward to using his service again soon.

  Jayden has an amazing gift with dogs....

Jayden has an amazing gift with dogs. He is calm and patient and cares so much for their comfort and well-being. He took a sustainable approach for gaining trust with my dog. He is extremely reliable and communicative. I'd highly recommend Petcetera Dog for anyone with a dog that needs mental and physical exercise in a safe and caring environment

  Highly recommend!...

We've been putting our 8-month old Spanish Water Dog in the care of Jayden for the last month or so -- he's been great. It's a kick to see how excited our pup gets when we drop her off. They have a flexible range of services, cater to your dog's specific temperment and needs, and provide really a great option especially for those pup/dog owners in the North Seattle area. Highly recc'd!

  Milo loves him!...

My dog was with Jayden for a few weeks. It was awesome! He sent pictures and a video every day. Milo was so happy! They went to the park and walked by the water. He kept me updated if she didn't eat a meal or if there were any concerns. I would highly recommend Jayden! Milo loves him!

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Call us directly on 206 687 9254 or you can also email to join our mailing list.

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